A blueprint of a moment in experience.
The soul of a movement in a moment.

Searching in the moment;
passing seconds
in the future.

In layers of experience;
an emotion
a sensation.

That what it seems
and what it is not.

Beyond a limit
a depth.

As a human behind the human.

An impression
an alienation.

I have no control.
I can't imagine in advance.

Playing with coincidence.

It is a blueprint
something from my own hands
the hands connected with the heart
in a moment of life.

~ * ~

I work completely intuitively. It is not a technical story.
The story came from my background as a fashion designer / stylist.
I am highly sensitive person and picture thinker.

I like my basic knowledge of a camera and
I like to discover the camera.
This gives room for openness.
Learn to see what happens in a moment.
And enjoy every step.

No rules.
Just me and the camera, a moment of light.

Every photo is pure and taken in a moment.
No editing. (Exception of the patterns and kaleidoscope)

This gives strength in a world where everything is possible.

I love the sound of my camera.
Photography is my daily meditation.
The power of the observation.


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